Sep 21, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Lexis-Nexis,

Thank you for establishing your points system. It has encouraged and motivated me to use your search engine for most of my legal research needs. However, this academic year has presented one major complaint in my mind: WHAT IN THE HELL IS UP WITH THE PASSPORT CRAP? I'm supposed to jump through your LexisNexis hoops in order to get 5 out of 6 passport stamps, and when I'm done with all that, I get 500 bonus points? It doesn't seem right or fair.

Please bring back the Ultimate Rewards system of old: I would like to earn a certain amount of points, be declared an Elite Member, and then given special prizes every month. That system was good. It worked.

This passport stuff-- it doesn't work. I'm surfing Westlaw more now.

Thank you for your consideration,



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