Aug 30, 2006

Conversations with the B-List: A Teen Idol

I was working at the Cookie Bin when I saw her being seated. She wasn't in my section, so I really didn't pay too much attention. I heard some co-workers discussing her arrival, and I was quick to doubt that it was her. I found an excuse to place myself out by her table. The moment she opened her mouth to speak to her companion, I knew it was her.

I FREAKED out. Not literally, of course, because I was at work. Internally, however, I was going nuts. I went through high school with a poster of her most famous movie over my bed, and I had followed her career since then. Along with being in one of the top grossing movies of 1998, she also had a small role in one of the best movies ever made, at least in my opinion.

I approached her. She was TINY, people. She and I are about the same height, and I swear to God that I had at least 40 pounds on her. In my line of work, I was never really shy with people, but I had the hardest time talking to her. I totally regret my approach with her. My opening remark was, "Ohmigod, I grew up with a poster from (Movie Name) over my bed and your character was my favorite. Can I have your autograph?" SHE, on the other hand, was totally cool. She signed a menu that I brought her and answered all sorts of questions that some of the wait staff asked her.

The menu is hanging on my wall as I type this. It simply reads: To The BLS, All the Best, Fairuza Balk.

Totally cool. In retrospect, I wish I had been a little cooler. Oh, well. I made up for it with the ULTIMATE celebrity meeting... which will be discussed in a future post.


At August 30, 2006 5:00 PM, Blogger D.T. said... she wasnt the ultimate celebrity, huh? Yeah, I totally get starstruck around celebrities too, whether they be world-famous or just local. Like this one time when I met Mika Boorem at the theaters and then she tripped head-first on the floor...didnt know what to say.


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