Aug 8, 2006

The Ambulance Chaser

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I was on vacation with Bauer. We didn't really go anywhere exciting, but it was nice to get away for awhile.

While on vacation, Bauer and I stayed in a nice hotel in a nice area of the place we were visiting. I liked the fact that it was close to everything that he and I wanted to see. One downfall, though: It was RIGHT next to a hospital. After a day of sight-seeing, Bauer and I were heading back to the hotel. En route, I got behind an ambulance. Bauer and I could see that there was someone in the back of the ambulance, as we could see the medical technicians working to help them. We didn't figure it was an embergency, though, since the lights weren't on and the ambulance wasn't speeding. I still hung back as much as I could, though, letting the ambulance get to its destination.

We were almost to the hospital when Bauer turned and said: "F***ing Ambulance Chaser."


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LOL :)

The things they think of....


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