Dec 22, 2005


As promised in my last post, here is some light-heartedness to offset the sourness from yesterday. However, unlike Lisa's list, I could only come up with 37 things about me:
  1. I have four brothers and a sister. I'm the youngest.
  2. Although I suspected it... I wasn't told I was adopted until I was 25 years old.
  3. I have been engaged twice. (Man, is it just me or I am fodder for Jerry Springer, simply based on the first three items alone?)
  4. For all intents and purposes, The Pug is my child and I claim that she's better-behaved and neater than most children.
  5. I don't think I'll ever be able to explain exactly why Dale Earnhardt, Jr is so hot.
  6. I am an avid reader and am looking forward to catching up on my reading during my Christmas break.
  7. This will be my first Christmas without my father.
  8. I adore Britney Spears PKF (Pre-K.Fed... you know, when she was still semi-classy) and I rock out to her in my car.
  9. I sing Celine Dion in the shower.
  10. I bite my fingernails.
  11. Based on the way my sister behaved in the wake of my dad's death, I will never forgive her (and she'll be lucky if I ever speak to her again.)
  12. I love BAD movies and tend to de-stress while I watch them. (Favorites include Crossroads, Cocktail, Save the Last Dance, Honey, and 13 Going on 30.)
  13. I adore critically acclaimed movies as well. (Think Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, Walk the Line, and Finding Neverland.)
  14. I collect Barbie dolls.
  15. I (and several others) think my brother looks like Tom Cruise (way before the craziness that is TomKat.) Ladies, he's 30, an electrician, and single... send your applications to :)
  16. I'm a perfectionist and am beginning to wonder if this is the reason all my relationships fail.
  17. I love to laugh.
  18. Despite the fact that everything in my life dictates that I should be on top of the world, I have low self-esteem.
  19. I sometimes wonder if I missed my true calling in the Entertainment business.
  20. Although I want to prosecute, I think I may end up practicing Entertainment Law.
  21. I am a Democrat.
  22. The direction the Supreme Court is going in also scares me.
  23. I adore wittiness in everything; television, movies, and most importanty, the opposite sex.
  24. I have four must-see directors: Clint Eastwood, Steven Soderbergh, David Lynch, and Kevin Smith.
  25. I'd like to think that I'm a good friend.
  26. I am a Big Sister to a 15 year old girl. She moved away, though, so we have to do the e-mail thing. I miss her quite a bit.
  27. I think ambition is sexy.
  28. Joaquin Phoenix is smokin' hot.
  29. I get told that I look like Christina Ricci at least once every two weeks.
  30. I never understood why everyone was all about Carrie on Sex and the City. I thought she was extraordinarily self-centered and annoying.
  31. I sometimes question my place in law school.
  32. I want to learn how to play the guitar.
  33. I would love to sing for a crowd one day.
  34. I want to visit Egypt.
  35. I am fascinated with the lives of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.
  36. I didn't like Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond until both were off the air and in syndication. Now I can't get enough.
  37. My favorite number is 37, and was so before Kevin Smith made it famous.


At December 22, 2005 11:55 AM, Blogger TLG said...

Well, stop looking so damned much like Christina Ricci, and they'll stop saying that ;)

Speaking of Kevin Smith--he was just becoming "hot," everyone in my undergrad class thought it was cool to write exactly like him. Which is annoying when you have every class with the same 8 playwrighting students every fricking day. I consider myself blessed to not know who kevin smith was until I was out of college :) I really do like his comic book work. Except for him writing that one book that was so naughty that Marvel wouldn't let him finish it LOL.

At December 22, 2005 1:01 PM, Blogger HMC said...

I like Kevin Smith's comics too. I thought his Green Arrow was bad ass and his Daredevil arch was a definitive one for the character.

I liked Carrie. It was Charlotte that made me want to kill.

This list thing is interesting. Maybe I'll do one...

At December 22, 2005 1:14 PM, Anonymous Danielle said...

You are so great Ann, and you do totally look like Christina Ricci! There are only two blogs I read . . . yours and Brian's (minus my own of course). My two absolute fav blogs.
Well Merry Christma Ann! Glad all is well. Love, Danielle

At December 22, 2005 4:11 PM, Blogger Earl said...

Hey BLS,
1) I'm clueless about the 37/Kevin Smith reference. You'll have to explain. I'm usually fairly hip for an old guy from MT, but not this time.
2) Christina Ricci is hot!
3) Britney. She's a Louisiana girl. That's her redeeming feature. And she was a tease when she was little. Which I feel like a perv admitting that I even notice this (but how can you not???).
4) Sorry about dad, sister, didn't know, but I appreciate knowing.
5) I like all your bad movies, LOL.
They are bad, but in a good way.
6) You liked Walk the Line too. What did you think compared to my review?
7) Your brother is even short like Tom... I'll try not to hassle him next time I see him. I will SO have to bite my tongue (I will though, I promise).

At December 23, 2005 6:07 AM, Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

I LOVE your list! WAY cool. I KNEW I liked you :-)

#30 - I was all about Miranda. She was so honest and funny.

#4 - Of course you know about me and Ally da Pup!

#19 - Come work in showbiz and we'll work together.

GREAT list!

At December 23, 2005 4:46 PM, Blogger The BLS said...

TLG: It's kinda hard to NOT look like Christina Ricci, especially since I've looked like her my whole life. :P

HMC: Really? Charlotte was one of my favorite characters... and I'm pretty sure she's one of my law professors, too. :)

Danielle: Merry Christmas, back! Maybe I'll see you and Brian this time around??

Wade: Walk the Line was good. I thought you wrote a really good review of it, although I tended to think that the acting (both Joaquin and Reese) was superb. I would love to see Oscar nominations for them both. That being said... I'm curious to think what my brother thinks about it. HE is the Cash guy in our family. :P And... the Kevin Smith "37" thing is his trademark. If you rent Clerks, you'll be quick to understand why... :)

Lisa: Thanks! Your list inspired me! :)

At December 26, 2005 7:42 PM, Blogger suki said...

let's see a picture of you to compare!

At December 27, 2005 6:49 AM, Blogger Jinxy said...

I saw Crossroads in the movie theater.

And I own the soundtrack. On cassette.


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